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As a Leader

You Need to Be the One that Sees the Big Picture

As a leader, you are in the thick of the daily grind. It’s tough to see the forest for the trees, let alone chase every problem that gets lobbed your way. 

There are weird things happening on the fringes of the real work - gossip, poor communication, morale deficits. It’s having an effect on your leaders and teams. With the Great Resignation in full force, you are worried about loosing good people. 

Frankly, as a leader in a growing business, it’s all making you a bit insecure. You ought to be able to navigate this and it’s uncomfortable to be in a position where you can’t fix what’s wrong.


  • Gossip

  • Silos

  • In-fighting

  • Poor Communication

  • Leadership Deficiencies

  • Mis-alignment

  • Intolerance of change

  • Underperforming teams

I Get it!

What you are experiencing are completely normal growing pains.

There isn’t a professional out there that could claim to have never experienced challenges within their workplace. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to fix. I get it - it’s harder than it looks! 

My name is Kristin Wiersma and I am the CEO of Focus Consulting. I work with organizations like yours to navigate challenges and find lasting solutions. 

I have worked 20+ years as a consultant in the areas of leadership, communications, culture, team dynamics, and missional strategy. 

I will NOT do the hard work for you. I WILL guide you to creating people, structures, and processes that help you reach your goals - both internal and external! 


A deep dive to discover the current state of your organization. Using both data from surveys and nuanced understanding from interviews, an accurate picture emerges of both challenges and assets. We discover in order to understand you and together we build a plan for a strong, healthy, and high performing business or nonprofit.


Teamwork can be harder than it looks and teams often drive business. We work with teams to plan, recruit, establish, train, and execute effectively to reach goals. Whether it’s a new team or old, we bring resources and coaching to build a healthy team that fuels your bottom line.


Every leader could use a place to talk through ideas, and get honest feedback. Our Executive Coaching offers you a chance to sharpen skills, advance goals, and grow leadership competencies for greater impact for yourself and your business.

Focus Consulting Philosophy


Healthy Teams & Leaders

  • Employee Value Proposition, Satisfaction and Engagement Practices
  • Team Making: Team Formation, Orientation, Launch and Review 
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Framework and Training
  • Conflict Utilization for Learning and Growth
  • Leadership 101 for Change Management
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  • Strategic Thinking Workshop
  • Environmental Scan
  • Leadership ThinkTank
  • Future Search Strategic Planning – Whole system planning
  • Vision Frame Navigation for Strategy
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  • Organization Culture X-Ray
  • Leadership Culture Forming workshop
  • Polarity Management Training
  • Culture Mapping
  • Culture and Identity Narrative
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  • Assess Existing Structure and Function Assessment
  • Organization Design
  • Leadership Training for Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Communication Mapping
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  • Diagnostics of Organizational Systems/Processes
  • Guide the Design and Build Process for Aligned Systems
  • Organization-Wide Change Management
  • Train for Ongoing Assessment and Change
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What Others Have to Say...

College Admissions Department

Kristin did an excellent job helping our team learn about our strengths and communication styles. The activities she facilitated gave us not only an understanding of our department's past and present challenges and successes, but also pushed us to look towards building our team for the future. Throughout the process, Kristin was communicative and went above and beyond to make sure our team was prepared for our event.  

Gabrielle Lawrence
Former Chair, ParkBugle Board of Directors

"Kristin Wiersma led the ParkBugle Board of Directors through a challenging planning process with enthusiasm, expertise and thoughtful guidance. Her approach was innovative and thorough and she was especially effective in keeping board members on task! The work was guided by input from community listening sessions, a survey of the readership and another survey of local businesses.The final product is an ambitious ten-year goal, a solid three year goal and pragmatic actions to be accomplished quarterly. We also have a re-imagined mission statement, an examination of our core values and a creative vision statement that will guide the organization in the coming years. The organization is refreshed and ready to move into the future, thanks to Kristin's work."

Trade Organization

Focus Consulting far exceeded our expectations. Kristin is smart, savvy and incredibly competent at helping organizations find a consensus and define clear strategies to move forward. I can't say enough good things about Focus Consulting. 

New Richmond School District

Kristin played a critical role in guiding our K-12 School District through the strategic planning process. Her expertise and facilitation skills were evident as she led us in developing a comprehensive and forward-thinking Strategic Plan. Kristin’s ability to engage our team and community ensured that the process was not only productive but also collaborative. Through her guidance, we were able to identify key priorities and map out a course for the future, laying a solid foundation for the success of our district. Her flexibility and responsiveness were second to none and we always felt supported as she worked to meet our specific needs. We are very happy with the entire process and ultimately the end result!

Chair of the Board, Nonprofit Food Shelf

Kristin Wiersma did a masterful job of leading our BOD and staff through the process of developing our new mission, values and vision statements.  In addition, she helped us turn our "crucial core" values and our stated vision into a clear strategic planning platform that will be invaluable to our future success as a nonprofit.  With humor, kindness and firm direction, Kristin's leadership style was appreciated by all.  She did her homework and came to us thoroughly prepared for our retreat.  I would not hesitate to retain Kristin again to work with our key players in nonprofit and leadership development.