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Kristin wiersma, ceo

Kristin focuses on helping leaders make strategic choices that align with the organization’s mission, vision, and values, to go beyond their current reality and thrive in a complex world.  She has over 20 years of experience as a consultant with a variety of organizations -- from for-profit businesses to nonprofits and foundations, to municipalities and higher education. Her strengths are in the areas of leadership, strategy, communications, culture, team dynamics, and missional strategy.
Kristin is a sought-after dynamic speaker and trainer, highly engaging facilitator, and coach for high-performing leaders. Her keystone work for organizations is optimal leadership and organizational alignment in changing environments.
Kristin has a Masters of Organization Development and Change from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s degree from Augsburg University, Minneapolis. She is certified in Future Search and Vision Frame Navigation. 

I work with organizations like yours to navigate challenges and find lasting solutions. 

I have worked 20+ years as a consultant in the areas of leadership, communications, culture, team dynamics, and missional strategy.


I will NOT do the hard work for you. I WILL guide you to creating people, structures, and processes that help you reach your goals - both internal and external!

Always remember, Your focus determines your reality

George Lucas

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We do a full organizational assessment so we know exactly where the challenges lie.



You get a full report and recommendations for improvement.



We co-create solutions that help your people and teams get healthier and stronger.

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