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Our Healthy Teams Framework



Purpose is the central and most powerful element for healthy teams. Purpose is our reason for being, our hoped for outcome, our vision for the future. Purpose is shared by the team, tying the team together for meaningful work. Purpose aligns the team, even with all their differences.


Trust is the essential glue that holds team members in the needed relationship to one another and allows teamwork to occur. Trust is also changeable and requires cultivation and care. Trust determines team members' authenticity. It influences how the team deals with difference, and how team members value one another in thought and action. 


Glenda Eoyang, Human Systems Dynamics, defines differences as, “Two things sustain a team: Similarity and difference. The similarity holds the system together with coherence and identity. Difference introduces the potential energy of tension and possibility. Most groups focus on “common ground.”  Similarity becomes the platform for building a shared future. We avoid differences. We fear it because we don’t know how to capture and channel its power. In healthy teams, we recognize difference as a source of energy. It is the driver of change. It is the root for learning and growth. It is full of promise and possibility—if we just let ourselves use it.”


For a healthy team, ownership is a shared sense of responsibility for the content, process, and performance of the team. Ownership is pride, alignment, and accountability. It requires shared participation, engagement, and a sense of agency by team members. The team members and the work matter and investment is made together.


Healthy teams are able to shift and be adaptable in changing conditions to meet the needs of the team,  the work and the organization. Adaptability requires trust, relationship, clear purpose, and permission to innovate, learn, grow, and, sometimes fail, in order to remain responsive and effective.

Your Team Needs focused team development and growth!

Every team, whether they are high functioning and big achievers or dysfunctional and struggling to accomplish basic outcomes, needs focused time to develop connections, understanding, and shared language. 

Our Healthy Team Workshop dives into a few or all (1/2 or full day) of the core elements we've defined above - purpose, trust, healthy conflict, responsibility, and ownership. 

This highly engaging and interactive workshop will guide your teams through introspection, sharing, and insightful fun. You will leave with game changing tools for immediate application. Watch your team grow and thrive. 

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